Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun in New York!?

Okay since I have been in New York I don't think I have gone a day with out rain and overcast. It is very different from the other side of the country! I am not use to it at all....yet! Nothing here is predictable when it comes to weather. In the Hill Cumorah Visitor Center there is a Room with a Christus (large statue of Jesus Christ) in it with HUGE windows facing where the sun sets, into the Sacred Grove (where the young boy Joseph Smith went to pray to find the truth). This past week I was sitting in that room watching the sunset. I had many thoughts cross my mind but one that struck me is that no matter where I HAVE been in this world I have always had the chance to see the sunset. As I realized that, I tried to apply it to my life. No matter where life takes me I have that sunset in my life. When ever the weather gets bad I can count on a sunset even if is covered in rain clouds. That is how life is. Sometimes we have big trials or problems that come to us and we feel as if the "rain" will never cease, however I can find happiness in the rain when I see the sunsetting in the distance. I love relating things, that is the only way I learn!

The rain in New York and my Ability to see the sunset applies to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I have huge trials that have come up in my life I feel like there is a rain cloud that follows me around everywhere. I feel as if it pours on me leaving my hair a mess, freezing, soaked, and numb. That is how I feel when I am going through a trial or problem in this life. However I always feel better when I look at the sunset, I can't necessarily feel the warmth directly but I know its there. Heavenly Father is always there for us, he is our Sunset. We can not see him directly but we can pray to him and ask him to help us through these rainy days or situations. I have found many times in my life where I refused to pray because it felt silly, but over the past few months I have learned that if we always have that prayer in our heart and we pray throughout the day we come closer to our Heavenly Father and our "rain" goes away. I am so grateful for this great tool of prayer that we have, that we can kneel down and ask for things and thank our loving Heavenly Father for the good things and even the bad things. I know that we all have huge rainstorms in our lives, but if we use prayer we can see the sunset every night.

Watch the linked Video from above about prayer, and see how it doesn't just change my life but many others!

I know the rain will come, and I know the Sun is there, but If I bring my umbrella I am prepared until i see the sun. My umbrella is my answer the my prayers!

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