Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I know DIRTY...My Freshman dorm room!

I cleaned out the drain freshman year..gross!

President Hinckley's next B is..."BE CLEAN"... his segment on being clean covers many different things. So I decided to break it down into a few different posts. I can tell you that being CLEAN is so important because when you are not, not only can people tell but God can. As you can tell I have not always been the cleanest person, and I know I am still working at it. However President Hinckley was a Prophet called of God. If he says we need to do, then we need to do it!

One of my EFY groups inspired
This is what the next few posts will be titled...

Endangered Entertainment
Tats, rings, & bling
$ Pictures with a Price $
Do Hugs Not Drugs
So your hot…whatever


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Smart

Can you feel the Sacrifice?

“Sacrifice anything that is needed to be sacrificed to qualify yourselves to do the work of the world. That world will in large measure pay you what it thinks you are worth, and your worth will increase as you gain education and proficiency in your chosen field.”
-President Hinckley

I know I have talked about Education before, however I want to focus on the sacrifice that comes with it. I love what President Hinckley said "SACRIFICE ANYTHING." During my Junior year of College at Utah State. I was taking one of my Computer Programing classes and a Math class. I was having the hardest time balancing a social life with studying and it was showing in my grades. At church one Sunday the teacher had said that we have been counseled to focus on our education because it is the only thing we take with us into the next life.

That was a huge wake up call!!! I realized I was slacking on my education and so I needed to sacrifice some fun for some learning. I made a plan to stay in during the week and study, and as I did I started to see my grades improve and also the quality of my education. I had to sacrifice what is important to a college student...Nights out on the town, parties, dates, and even sporting events however the education and the products I was able to make were completly worth it in the end.

Fixing Photo's is the best :]

"Be smart. The Lord wants you to educate your minds and hands, whatever your chosen field. Whether it be repairing refrigerators, or the work of a skilled surgeon, you must train yourselves. Seek for the best schooling available. Become a workman of integrity in the world that lies ahead of you. I repeat, you will bring honor to the Church and you will be generously blessed because of that training."
-President Hinckley

Its black and white, either be smart or dont :]

I am so happy that it does not matter what we CHOOSE to learn about. It can be anything from desiging things on the computer, photography or raising a worm farm....Just remember that it all comes down to just "BE SMART."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



I am GRATEFUL for the Restoration

"Be grateful. There are two little words in the
English language that perhaps mean more than all
others. They are “thank you.” Comparable words are
found in every other language, such as gracias, merci,

danke, obrigado, domo.The habit of saying thank you is the mark of an educated man or woman." -President Hinckley

I am GRATEFUL for my Savior
"Thank the Lord for His goodness to you. Thank
the Almighty for His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who
has done for you what none other in all this world
could do. Thank Him for His great example, for His
tremendous teachings, for His outreaching hand
to lift and help. Think about the meaning of His
Atonement. Read about Him and read His words in
the New Testament and in 3 Nephi in the Book of
Mormon. Read them quietly to yourself and then
ponder them. Pour out your heart to your Father in
Heaven in gratitude for the gift of His Beloved Son.
Thank the Lord for His marvelous Church re-
stored in this great season of history. Thank Him for
all that it offers you. Thank Him for friends and loved
ones, for parents and brothers and sisters, for family.

Let a spirit of thanksgiving guide and bless your day and nights. Work at it. You will find it will yield wonderful results."- President Hinckley
I am GRATEFUL for my Friends :]
Recently I have realized how LUCKY I am. I get to serve where the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to earth again. I get to go to the Sacred Grove on a regular basis where Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. I get to teach people about the Restoration at the actual birthplace of it. I just want to share with you how grateful I am. President Hinckley taught me that I need to pour out my heart for everything and anything. If we were to just stop for ONE second and think about what we are grateful for we would see how lucky we are. One of the things that I have tried to do on my mission is to say one prayer a day that is all about what I am grateful for. I can not tell you how hard it was at first to not ask for anything, but as I practiced I found that I got a lot better at it and I also recognized how much I had in my life. It really helped me to forget myself and help others...Can you do it? Can you say one prayer a day that is only about being Grateful...
I dare you to try :]
I promise you will see things change!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Bee or Not to Bee

        President Hinckley’s 9 B’s
"Now, here you are on the threshold of your mature
lives. You too worry about school. You worry about
marriage. You worry about many things. I make you a
promise that God will not forsake you if you will walk
in His paths with the guidance of His commandments."
-President Hinckley

Joseph Smith Farm
President Hinckley was the prophet for the majority of my life. He was a very wise, intelligent, kind, and caring man. He was a prophet that LOVED the youth more than anything. He did many great things! I remember one of the very first lessons I had when I became a Beehive was about his B's. President Hinckley announced the B's to the world in a talk to the youth. For the next few posts I want to go through and talk about the B's. Recently, I realized that when it comes to decision making I am not very good.
 I think about it for days, weeks, even months...and then I come up with the answer! I will either do it or I won't. It is not a decision, but I feel like it narrows it down, especially for me a simple thinker...I know that President Hinckley came out with the B's so we could choose, he was merely giving us advice. I don't know about you but I think we should always listen to a prophets council. 

"Of course you face challenges. Every generation that has ever walked the earth has faced challenges. We could spend the entire evening talking about them. But of all the challenges that have been faced in the past, the ones we have today, I believe, are most easily handled. I say that because they are manageable. They largely involve individual behavioral decisions, but those decisions can be made and followed. And when that happens, the challenge is behind us"
-President Hinckley

I love what President Hinckley says, that EVERY generation has problems, but they are MANAGEABLE. YOUTH we can do this! We can learn the B's and we can manage them, we can rise above this generation and be what the Lord wants us to be. Nine B's  to BEE!

A shot from the barn

Be Grateful
Be Smart
Be Clean
Be True
Be Humble
Be Prayerful
Be Positive
Be Still
Be Involved

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All the small things :]

All the Small Things :] 

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass” 

Through out my many years I have been described as a few different things
"Just Little"
Fun Size
 Those descriptions use to bother me, all I wanted to do was be BIG!!! It is not like I could just drink Miracle grow and become a Giant. The only thing I could do was become okay with it, and I can tell you that I have! When I read this scripture, freedom from my smallness came. I realized that the smaller we feel the greater we can be. I'm not necessarily talking all about size, but how we feel inside. I know that through High School and College and even NOW, I feel small sometimes like I am just another girl in a big ole' world...Guess what..I AM! It is okay though because when we feel small great things come. So today, if you feel small, remember that great things will come :]

By the way this Blog has something BIG to come....Another round of post's are coming up, hold onto your seats for the new run of posts!!! Remember to comment if you have questions or would like me to post about something!

Friday, August 12, 2011

You jump, I jump Jack!

“Am I living the way the Lord wants me to live?”

WE DID IT! We made it through the whole FOR THE STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH PAMPHLET I hope that you have been able to read and enjoy these posts. I know that I have learned A LOT! Now that you are prepared to go out into that scary world, you must GO FORWARD WITH FAITH.

My Freshman year of college, I decided I wanted to do something I had never done before and by myself. I wanted to test the "waters" as an adult. So I decided to ask for a plane ticket for my birthday. I picked to go to Seattle to see my sister LauriAnn and her family. I was pretty nervous, it would be my first plane ride by myself and to a pretty big place. I tried to do all my research before I left so that I was ready! I got onto the plane and felt a rush of adrenaline.
My Nehpew and I
As I got off the plane, I could still feel that adrenaline pumping in my veins as I stepped out into this new city for the weekend. As we started to go places, I realized that adults had to pay for themselves, you needed a GPS to get around, a car, and a plan. It was not something I could just walk blindly into...I mean I totaly could, but it would not be easy.Thank Heavens my Sister had a plan. We had a LOT of fun, there were times when the kids would get grouchy and things wouldn't work out, but in the end we had a great time and I went back to college with great memories.

That is how life is, we need to have a plan, when we know what we want there will be tools that help us on the way to greatness. The FOR THE STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH pamphlet is one of those tools. Read what the First Presidency has said, and then add it to your lives....
Its a principle with promise...

My first Ferry Boat :]

The standards presented in this pamphlet will help you make correct choices. Review them often and ask yourself, “Am I living the way the Lord wants me to live?”
To help you become all that the Lord wants you to become, get on your knees each day and express to Him the desires of your heart. He is the source of all wisdom, and you need His help. He will hear and answer you. Read the scriptures daily. They are a powerful source of personal revelation and a constant strength to your testimony.
Remember and keep the covenants you made when you were baptized and that you renew each week when you partake of the sacrament. You young men should keep the covenants you made when you received the priesthood. Keeping these covenants now will help you prepare for the temple covenants you will make in the future.
Be true to the Lord and to His Church in all circumstances. The authorities of the Church will lead you in paths of happiness. Be grateful for your membership in God’s great kingdom.
Be humble and willing to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit. Place the wisdom of the Lord above your own wisdom.
When you do these things, the Lord will make much more out of your life than you can by yourself. He will increase your opportunities, expand your vision, and strengthen you. He will give you the help you need to meet your trials and challenges. You will find true joy as you come to know your Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, and feel their love for you.