Friday, August 12, 2011

You jump, I jump Jack!

“Am I living the way the Lord wants me to live?”

WE DID IT! We made it through the whole FOR THE STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH PAMPHLET I hope that you have been able to read and enjoy these posts. I know that I have learned A LOT! Now that you are prepared to go out into that scary world, you must GO FORWARD WITH FAITH.

My Freshman year of college, I decided I wanted to do something I had never done before and by myself. I wanted to test the "waters" as an adult. So I decided to ask for a plane ticket for my birthday. I picked to go to Seattle to see my sister LauriAnn and her family. I was pretty nervous, it would be my first plane ride by myself and to a pretty big place. I tried to do all my research before I left so that I was ready! I got onto the plane and felt a rush of adrenaline.
My Nehpew and I
As I got off the plane, I could still feel that adrenaline pumping in my veins as I stepped out into this new city for the weekend. As we started to go places, I realized that adults had to pay for themselves, you needed a GPS to get around, a car, and a plan. It was not something I could just walk blindly into...I mean I totaly could, but it would not be easy.Thank Heavens my Sister had a plan. We had a LOT of fun, there were times when the kids would get grouchy and things wouldn't work out, but in the end we had a great time and I went back to college with great memories.

That is how life is, we need to have a plan, when we know what we want there will be tools that help us on the way to greatness. The FOR THE STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH pamphlet is one of those tools. Read what the First Presidency has said, and then add it to your lives....
Its a principle with promise...

My first Ferry Boat :]

The standards presented in this pamphlet will help you make correct choices. Review them often and ask yourself, “Am I living the way the Lord wants me to live?”
To help you become all that the Lord wants you to become, get on your knees each day and express to Him the desires of your heart. He is the source of all wisdom, and you need His help. He will hear and answer you. Read the scriptures daily. They are a powerful source of personal revelation and a constant strength to your testimony.
Remember and keep the covenants you made when you were baptized and that you renew each week when you partake of the sacrament. You young men should keep the covenants you made when you received the priesthood. Keeping these covenants now will help you prepare for the temple covenants you will make in the future.
Be true to the Lord and to His Church in all circumstances. The authorities of the Church will lead you in paths of happiness. Be grateful for your membership in God’s great kingdom.
Be humble and willing to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit. Place the wisdom of the Lord above your own wisdom.
When you do these things, the Lord will make much more out of your life than you can by yourself. He will increase your opportunities, expand your vision, and strengthen you. He will give you the help you need to meet your trials and challenges. You will find true joy as you come to know your Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, and feel their love for you.


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