Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Bee or Not to Bee

        President Hinckley’s 9 B’s
"Now, here you are on the threshold of your mature
lives. You too worry about school. You worry about
marriage. You worry about many things. I make you a
promise that God will not forsake you if you will walk
in His paths with the guidance of His commandments."
-President Hinckley

Joseph Smith Farm
President Hinckley was the prophet for the majority of my life. He was a very wise, intelligent, kind, and caring man. He was a prophet that LOVED the youth more than anything. He did many great things! I remember one of the very first lessons I had when I became a Beehive was about his B's. President Hinckley announced the B's to the world in a talk to the youth. For the next few posts I want to go through and talk about the B's. Recently, I realized that when it comes to decision making I am not very good.
 I think about it for days, weeks, even months...and then I come up with the answer! I will either do it or I won't. It is not a decision, but I feel like it narrows it down, especially for me a simple thinker...I know that President Hinckley came out with the B's so we could choose, he was merely giving us advice. I don't know about you but I think we should always listen to a prophets council. 

"Of course you face challenges. Every generation that has ever walked the earth has faced challenges. We could spend the entire evening talking about them. But of all the challenges that have been faced in the past, the ones we have today, I believe, are most easily handled. I say that because they are manageable. They largely involve individual behavioral decisions, but those decisions can be made and followed. And when that happens, the challenge is behind us"
-President Hinckley

I love what President Hinckley says, that EVERY generation has problems, but they are MANAGEABLE. YOUTH we can do this! We can learn the B's and we can manage them, we can rise above this generation and be what the Lord wants us to be. Nine B's  to BEE!

A shot from the barn

Be Grateful
Be Smart
Be Clean
Be True
Be Humble
Be Prayerful
Be Positive
Be Still
Be Involved

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