Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Smart

Can you feel the Sacrifice?

“Sacrifice anything that is needed to be sacrificed to qualify yourselves to do the work of the world. That world will in large measure pay you what it thinks you are worth, and your worth will increase as you gain education and proficiency in your chosen field.”
-President Hinckley

I know I have talked about Education before, however I want to focus on the sacrifice that comes with it. I love what President Hinckley said "SACRIFICE ANYTHING." During my Junior year of College at Utah State. I was taking one of my Computer Programing classes and a Math class. I was having the hardest time balancing a social life with studying and it was showing in my grades. At church one Sunday the teacher had said that we have been counseled to focus on our education because it is the only thing we take with us into the next life.

That was a huge wake up call!!! I realized I was slacking on my education and so I needed to sacrifice some fun for some learning. I made a plan to stay in during the week and study, and as I did I started to see my grades improve and also the quality of my education. I had to sacrifice what is important to a college student...Nights out on the town, parties, dates, and even sporting events however the education and the products I was able to make were completly worth it in the end.

Fixing Photo's is the best :]

"Be smart. The Lord wants you to educate your minds and hands, whatever your chosen field. Whether it be repairing refrigerators, or the work of a skilled surgeon, you must train yourselves. Seek for the best schooling available. Become a workman of integrity in the world that lies ahead of you. I repeat, you will bring honor to the Church and you will be generously blessed because of that training."
-President Hinckley

Its black and white, either be smart or dont :]

I am so happy that it does not matter what we CHOOSE to learn about. It can be anything from desiging things on the computer, photography or raising a worm farm....Just remember that it all comes down to just "BE SMART."

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