Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Girl Time!!!

This week I went and visited one of my little friends! I love working with the youth, nothing brings me greater joy. I love this girl in particular. We have seen her a few times since I have arrived. This time I thought we could go in and share a lesson with her about adding the basics to our lives and that it is the basics we have to keep up on if we want to be happy.

Since I have come on a mission I am very into painting nails and being fancy, it must the fact I get to wear a dress every day! At this visit, we decided to start with the basics of beauty, our nails. It was kind of hard because she is a nail biter and there was not to much left but we made it work and they turned out super cute!
As I started to paint her nails we began to have girl talk. We talked for awhile and then I remembered my favorite nail polish analogy! The thing with nail polish is, it does not last forever. Us girls can put it on and in about 4 days it has been chipped, faded and even our nails have grown out. It is defiantly a tough job to keep our nails looking good. We talked about how with our nails we have to re-apply polish all of the time for our nails to look good!   No matter what we do we have to either take the polish off and start from scracth or keep adding on. 

 We talked about the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while we painted nails. We talked about how we can't just pray once a week and be happy, it something we need to do every day and multiple times a day so that we can have that GOOD FEELING with us all of the time. Then we talked about reading the Book of Mormon and how it is something we need to do every day so that the effect does not wear off. If we choose not to do these things that is when life gets harder and our trials seem to over come us.

 She was very receptive to this, we left her with her own copy of the Book of Mormon with a recipe to a perfect day.

1. Pray Morning and Night 
2. Read from the Book of Mormon
3.Pray before reading and after reading the Book of Mormon so that we can have questions answered.
4. When that is done, look in the Mirror and say "I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD, AND HE LOVES ME!"

I think it is VITAL to teach young women the basics of the gospel. I think it is SO important to teach them that they have value and worth in this world. That there is someone that loves them, their Heavenly Father. A young women who truly understands that they are a DAUGHTER OF GOD can really see the bigger picture in life and in the end, lead a happy life. I love the youth ALL around the earth no matter their faith, I care for each of them and hope that they KNOW with out a DOUBT that they are a child of GOD and he loves them!!!!!

My toes her Hands so cute :)

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