Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dream Big

One of my Life Ambitions is to join a Motorcycle gang and ride across the United States on a Harley. Today as we were walking the streets talking to people I met a man named Mike. He was working on his Honda Bike. He had torn it apart and rebuilt it. I asked him why he had to rebuild it. He said that some of the parts were bad and that it was not working right.
Mike asked us what we were out doing. I told him that we were out sharing a message about Jesus Christ. He continued to tell us that nothing made sense, there were so many religions and that a lot of things have been messed up through time. I had to agree with him. We started to tell him about the GREAT APOSTASY. We talked to him about how when Christ was on the earth we had all of the truth. Just like when is bike was brand new, it ran perfect and brought him the most happiness. However when he got in a wreck some of it got pretty beaten up and it did not work. A lot of the parts still were okay but all together the bike just did not work! I found it so similar to when Christ died. There where still many truths on the earth, but none of them had all of the pieces.

My friend Mike, said how he was frustrated with his bike and how it was broken. So he decided to break it down and fix it back up. After a few years he was able to fix it completely, and today was the day it ran for the first time. He said we must have been the luck he needed to get the bike running! It makes perfect sense to me when relating it to how the Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth again today. There was a boy named Joseph Smith who wanted to find truth. He did the same things Mike did to fix his bike. Joesph read the Bible while Mike read a Bike book. Joesph pondered and prayed about it and acted upon the words in James 1:5. Mike acted upon his readings and fixed his bike up again. 

Mike helped me to understand that there were so many good beliefs on this earth, but non that had the full truth. I know understand completely that Joesph Smith was called of God to "put the Bike" back together. 
I know how much it has impacted my life. It is like Joseph gave me my Harley, he gave me this Gospel through God the Father and His son Jesus Christ, and now its up to me to make my dream come true :)
One day :)

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