Saturday, May 14, 2011


In life everyone has a life theme. Mine is I DO WHAT I WANT. I know it sounds a little bit CRAZY, and sounds a little bit DANGEROUS, but I DO WHAT I WANT! Let me explain how my life motto works for me and how I came upon it.

 Last summer I worked as an Especially For Youth (EFY Summer Camp) councilor. We had a valiant group of teenagers who were truly in the midst of their teenage years. I remember those years, because they were not to long ago. They were ROUGH years, and I commend and encouage any teenager that is going through those years right now. All that I can really tell you is that they end eventaully and your get to be an adult! At this particular week at EFY I wanted to instill CONFIDENCE in the youth that I was working with. I tried to help them understand that when we face hard decisions, we need not be ashamed of choosing the right but confident in it. I wanted them to fully understand that other peoples opinions did not matter, but only God's.
Remeber that :)
As a retired teenager I know how hard it is to be confident in the things we are doing. We can not hide it, they are so many peers that are judging us. Peers DO talk about us behind our backs, peers can be MEAN. We do not Always get asked out on dates, We do not always get what we want.

After learning that crucial lesson of we do not always get what we want is when I started to change my perspective and build up my confidence so that I could do anything I wanted to. How I did that is simple. I learned that I was a DAUGHTER OF GOD.  I learned that through many trials, many nights at the Latter Day Saints Program "Young Womens", and many hours reading the Book of Mormon and nights on my knees praying to God to know if....
1. If he exsisted
2. If He loved me
3. If I was special
What I came to find out is that God did Exsist, that He loved me and that I AM speacial. Once I understood that I can honestly say that I got a lot happier and had maybe too much confidence :)
I know that I DO WHAT I WANT is a big phrase, but by learning that I was a DAUGHTER OF GOD I knew that I could DO WHAT I WANT because I knew that it was what God wanted me to do. I was able to follow the FOR STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH phamplet, because I knew God loved me and he gave it to me for that reason. I knew that we hard decisions did rise that I could DO WHAT I WANTED!!!

As teenagers that is when you get to learn how to make decisions. I know that sometimes we make decisions that are not the best and can leave us feeling pretty crappy inside and somtimes outside. Thats where this life motto comes in one more time I DO WHAT I WANT, we can choose how we feel. When we are feeling bad about ANYTHING, we can choose to CHANGE our thoughts for the better.
When we are MAD we can choose to be HAPPY.
When we are not happy with life, we can STOP, RE-EVALUATE and CHANGE it.

I promise as you do, you will be happy. Never let someone elses words hurt you, just reply with im sorry you feel that way (in a kind way) and then tell them you DO WHAT YOU WANT. I will finish with this, I DO WHAT I WANT, and the things I want to do follow the FOR STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH pamphlet, I want to go to CHURCH, I want to get an EDUCATION. I want to be able to have a FAMILY some day. I want to make my PARENTS proud. I want to be ME!

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