Thursday, May 19, 2011

Like A Child!


   -a person between birth and full growth;
–noun, plural chil·dren.

I love children! When they come into this world they are known for being cute, eating a lot, sleeping a lot, and having their diapers changed all of the time. They are needy creatures! However as they start to grow they start to learn. Something I envy is a  child's ability to learn things so fast!

I worked at an Elementary School for three years before retiring to serve an 18 month mission. At my job I was able to work with so many age groups. I found that the younger grades were able to pick up on material a lot faster then kids even in the older grades. It always makes me think WHY and LUCKY! As I have a reached a ripe old age of 21, I am finding it harder and harder to learn and break old habits.

 The finest traits of little children are everything Jesus held them up to be: “For of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 19:14).

We must BECOME like a CHILD again if we are going to learn and accept anything in this life and if we are going to have any FUN! We should NEVER be AFRAID to go act like a child. It helps us to develop our creativity and honestly gives us a break from this world that is so INTENSE.

This week I took my own advice and bought a PuSh PoP and went to a playground for lunch. We played on some of the toys and were able to just let free.

I love this quote from Jean A. Stevens

"Our Father in Heaven, in His great wisdom and love, sends His spirit sons and daughters to this earth as children. They come to families as precious gifts with a divine nature and destiny. Our Heavenly Father knows children are a key to helping us become like Him. There is so much we can learn from children."

I know as we BECOME as little children and LEARN new things whether it be about religion, school, language, computers, sports, we must use our "Child Brain Powers" and that is when we will truly learn.
i am a MORMON who loves to PLAY

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