Thursday, May 26, 2011

Through the Window...Through the Door

So easy :]
As a Sister Missionary one of the BLESSINGS that we RECIEVE is the ability to study the scriptures for an hour a day, called Personal Study. So every morning from 8 to 9 we get to DIVE into things like the King James version of the Bible, The Book of Mormon (Another testiment of Jesus Christ), and Ensigns (Church Magazines). It is seriously like CHRISTMAS every day, to just sit down and read and have no other cares in the world.

The creen would not come out!
Today I was reading in the Bible in St. John chapter 10 (if you want to read it :), and it just HIT me. It was talking about how we need to enter through the DOOR and not the WINDOW. After reading that my first thoughts where how do I usualy enter a house, the answer was the DOOR. I thought of times when I have had to use WINDOWS and those have not always been the ideal situations. Seriously think about times you have had to use the WINDOW....Some may because you got locked out, your keys are lost, it may or may not be your apartment, or maybe you SNEEKING out. In all of those situations it is a solution but not the easiest and even the cleanest. Think about how easy it would be if we could just use the DOOR.
Dont get Stuck in the window!
I started to think about my favorite people in the world the YOUTH. They have so many things comming up against them. So many times they are pressured into drinking, drugs, and things with chasity. I remember how hard it was to say no to things like that because I wanted to do what my freinds were doing, I wanted to fit in. However as I watched people "CLIMB IN THROUGH THE WINDOW," I saw how much harder life was for them. I had many freinds who would choose the "DOOR," and I was able to see how happy their lives were. I now have a new perspective when it comes to making decisions that will impact my life and the lives of others.... Am I using the DOOR or am I climing through WINDOWS. Another way to look at it is how would my parents react if they caught me climbing out the WINDOW late at night, my guess is not good.

In John it talked about how Jesus Christ is the door, I thought that if Jesus was inviting me into his house I would want to use the DOOR and would not be sneeking in through the WINDOW.
Now the DOOR and WINDOW can represent MANY different things, that is something I LOVE about reading the scriptures we can relate it to our lives....Feel free to COMMENT and give your thoughts or if you have questions!

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