Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mom : ]

Mom's are amazing. They are what I like to call "Female Stallions."
I was thinking about my WONDERFUL mother today, and relived a moment when I knew
she truly cared and that she loved me. About a year ago I went in for a major surgery, I had to get my appendix out, my gallbladder, and get some burning done. It was my Spring Break and my Mom had come to Logan to help me through it (because all of my doctors where there). She made the long drive, she made sure I was ready, she took me to the hospital and sat the long hours in the waiting room. When I left the hospital I was in a lot of pain, I watched her as she tried to be very careful while driving, as women usually are :)

We were both going to stay at Grandma's House that night and then go back to Boise for the rest of the week. The room I was staying in was my Uncle's, Uncle Bret. He has downs syndrome and loves his routines, and I am great at messing up routines :) I was in a GREAT amount of pain that night and was puking. Every time I would finally fall asleep my darling Uncle Bret, whom I love, would run in and say "Clare, all better go home!" He did it multiple times through out the night. Finally, my mom came in, as I was crying, because I was in so much pain, she calmed me down and then got her pillow and laid on the ground outside my door and gaurded the door the rest of the night. She was my guardian and my protector. In my lowest moments of life she has been there for me guarding my door, she is my mom!

That is a Mom's Job. It doesn't matter if you are a working mom, a stay at home mom or an empty nester. Know that you will always be your childs protector. It is so sad that we only celebrate Mother's Day one day a year, they should be celebrated everyday of the year! I love ALL mom's and hope they know that they have a DIVINE role and should always remember that and cherish it. I would give anything to be half the women that my mother is, she is a Female Stallion :]
and i love her <3

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  1. I love this Clare! Moms truly are amazing! I love how you said that she is a female stallion! haha I love you baby girl! Moms Rock!