Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going Green TO BE clean again :]

About a week ago Sister Wilkinson and I and quite a few others went and helped out at Cameron, a Place of refuge for those who are struggling in life. We got to paint the cafeteria! The goal was to make it a place where its guests would feel more comfortable and welcome. I think we accomplished that idea and made it a home sweet home for those who don't have them!
Synetra and her son Trinity who are getting baptized  this Saturday!

We started out by taping up the walls, prepped the paint, got the ladders out. Before we started to paint Cameron's Kitchen, I thought it looked pretty good. The walls were WHITE and it was a pretty nice joint to come and eat. At the beginning I thought, it already looks pretty nice why would we need to change it? We had a lot of work ahead of us, even though I didn't think the room needed it, I decided I was going to help paint and wait for the end results.

Sister Wilkinson and I

 As the painting continued I was still a little bit shy about how it was going to turn out, and how it was going to make the place look better. However as time went on I was able to see a change in the room. It started to have a warmer feeling, and you could tell the people that were painting where even starting to feel more comfortable in what they were doing.

I love my aggies :]
After about 5 hours of fun, we were done! I was shocked out how it turned out. It looked AMAZING. It was a complete turn around. I felt a little bit ashamed because of my thoughts and feelings at the beginning. Thinking that something that already looked good, could not look any better. BOY I was WRONG!  It was now even more beautiful then before and only with a bit of work :]

The Fourth City Missionaries. Wilcox, Larsen, Me, Wilkinson!

As Sister Wilkinson and I were driving back to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, I started to think about some of the people we had run into earlier in the week. Whenever we would try and share our message about Jesus Christ, they would say, "ITS OKAY, I AM ALREADY SET." What I have realized is that, we may feel "SET" in life, and already lead a wonderful, HAPPY life, but I have learned for myself that when I decided to live the Gospel Of Jesus Christ my life went from the WHITE walls that were pretty nice, to come to have the Green Walls that were Perfect, welcoming, and beautiful. I was no longer "pretty nice." Some times we have to have the courage to get out of our "SET LIVES" and see if Jesus Christ really can give us green walls. I know that he can because he gave me green walls, and through Jesus Christ I was able to be clean. Just like it took courage to put PAINT MUSTACHES on, have the courage to check out www.Mormon.org and let it paint your walls green :]

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