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"A true friend will encourage you to be your best self."

Kaitlyn and I she is serving in NY south :]
In the FOR STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH pamphlet we are told to "  Choose our friends carefully."   From what I understand, that does not mean we need to hand our resumes to people so they can do background checks to see if we qualify. I have found that many times throughout High School that many people took this idea to heart, which is not bad, but it does close a few doors. Students would not talk to people who would drink, do drugs, or have sex in fear that they would be tarnished from their presence. I am here to tell you that is FALSE. That we can talk to ALL people no matter who they are. You do not have to go to the parties they do, you do not have to participate in the things they do. However you can be their friend.
Freshman Roommates: Disney, Renee, Lauren, Jackie, Me, Rica

In High School students feel embarrassed to be friends with the kids who have been labeled as a
loser. Always remember that a loser is in fact a child of God and he loves them. In the end you may be their one and only friend.  

High School Days: Nic, Jason, Me

Rica, Wyatt, Me
I love what the apostle Russel M. Ballard said:
"If we are truly disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will reach out with love and understanding to all of our neighbors at all times."

Elder Ballard tells us that we need to help ALL people at ALL times. Selecting friends is something that should be done very carefully. 

Scott, Nic, Jason, Me
I know that the focus of friends is mainly on choosing people who you can enjoy and keep your standards with. I find that RARELY we think of befriending those who have none. My dad grew up in Preston Idaho. For our family reunion a few summer's ago we went to the chicken coups he had worked in (yes they are in Napoleon Dynamite). As I stood amongst the thousands of chickens my thoughts changed when I was given the analogy of PECKING ORDER.

At a chicken ranch there are countless chickens running around and a PECKING ORDER is very often established. For some reason all of the chickens SINGLE OUT one chicken who they relentlessly pick on. They always follow the chosen chicken around and peck him until the chicken has its eyes gauged out, until his feathers are gone, and until the chicken eventually dies. When the chicken is finally pecked to death, they pick a new one. It is a never ending trend. 
I can remember many times in High School where the "popular" kids would pick on the "losers" until they were so low they just stopped coming to school. It is so easy, to fall into the trap of teasing and taunting but it is SO MUCH MORE rewarding in the end to befriend the friendless.


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