Thursday, June 9, 2011

Third Times a Charm

“Learn wisdom in thy youth” (Alma 37:35).

High School Graduation
I am going to be honest here, something that I struggle with is LEARNING. I had a very hard time making it through High School with good grades. I found that the basic concepts of Math, Science, Reading, and English were subjects that I had despised with a passion because I found I had no talent in them. Don't worry this is not going to be a cute story of how I grew to love them, because frankly were still not on good terms.

 "Maintain an enthusiasm for learning throughout your life. Find joy in continuing to learn about yourself, other people, and the world around you."

Reading the FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH pamphlet as a High School student always made me upset. I would think WHYand HOW can I have enthusiasm for learning if I am not very good at it?! Today while reading the FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH pamphlet. I had a major REALIZATION of how I have fulfilled some of the
EDUCATION section in the pamphlet.

During my Junior High and High School years I developed my deep dislike of MATH. My 9th grade year is when my career in MATH started to go down hill. When I reached High School I was registered for GEOMETRY, and I was really excited about it because I had heard it was much easier then regular MATH, boy were those people wrong. Throughout the first semester of it I thought I was doing really well, until the test. I had studied SO HARD but it still came back with a HUGE FAIL on it. I had bombed it completely. I was pretty heartbroken because I had tried hard and I still had failed. After that I started to go in every morning to get help from my math teacher and even had a Harvard Student as my Math Tutor. Yet, I still continued to fail tests left and right. It was so hard to see everyone do so well on assignments and tests when they did not even study. At the end of the year I had failed the class. So for my summer treat my mom signed me up to take it online from BYU. Once again I started to go through my notes from beginning to end. I would have my math teacher come throughout the summer and tutor me and prepare me for the tests. I started to receive passing grades, and my opinion of Math started to grow.
At the end of this course was a HUGE FINAL and in order to pass the class you had to pass the final. I studied for days, did countless proofs and took practice tests. I was all geared up to take this test and I KNEW I was going to pass it. I sat down to take it and felt so GOOD about it, we sent it in and I waited patiently for the results. It was a Saturday when I received my news. I had failed the test by ONE POINT. I honestly wanted nothing more then to spartan-kick MATH in the face.

After the rage, sadness and disappointment passed I knew that my only option left was to take it again, and so I did. This time I put even more effort into it. It felt like all I did was MATH. When I took that final, I prayed and said I will do this as many times as needed, but I feel like I have learned my lesson of persistence. To my relief THIRD TIMES A CHARM. I has passed the test by 5 points. Still not an A+, but at that point I knew I could retire from Geometry.

I may not have become a mathematician but I did learn something about MYSELF,which is listed in the FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH pamphlet as something to accomplish.

 I learned that I could get through something even if it was hard.
I learned that when you fail, all you can do is try again. I learned not to feel ashamed for failing but to feel successful for trying again.
I want to learn as much as I can in this world because it is the one thing we keep after death. The one thing that I have learned to be the most important is that your EDUCATION is for "U" and to help you learn about "U". Find the things you love and if you can't find a passion in your current schooling, think of the different attrirbutes you are learning about yourself through the process.
One day you will find that thing you love and it will click!

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