Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not just a one time thing....

Not just a onetime thing…

Yesterday, just happened to be a Christmas Miracle in November. We were working at the Hill Cumorah when I saw a box with all of the missionary’s monthly ensigns in it. I started to dig through it to find the one with my name on it. As I picked it up I had all of the feelings from conference rush right back into my soul. I had missed these beautiful talks.
 I ripped it open and started to read through many different talks. One of my favorite talks was by our beloved President Thomas S. Monson. He gave a great talk about prayer and listening to the Holy Ghost and the promptings he gives. I remembered back to the first time I had heard this message. It was right after I had received news of a possible medical release. While listening to his talk, my brain wandered many times thinking about what was going to happen, until I looked up and all I heard was “Follow it.” At that minute I realized my prayers had been answered, that whatever was going to happen I just needed to go with it.  As I read through the talk again, I was looking for those key words “Follow it,” I could not find them anywhere! It took me a few times to realize that those were not the exact words he had used, but it was the Holy Ghost that had whispered those words to me. It was so neat to realize that I received such a clear answer from God while listening to the Prophet. Now Youth, they did not print this pretty magazine for nothing, get one and READ IT. Read one talk a week, and then ponder and pray about it, and see how it blesses you! How lucky are we to have words that come from our Heavenly Father through his faithful worthy servants.


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  1. Hi Sis. Vaterlaus,

    My name is Mike Schmutz. I run I saw your post on our FB page and I was wondering if you wanted to have a special section on our site each week to post your missionary stories so that we could share it with all our followers?

    If you want to do it, you can email me at, any pictures or stories that you have about your mission that you would want to share.

    Thanks! And good luck out there!