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“This is a life-and-death contest we are in, young men, so I am going to get in your face a little, nose to nose, with just enough fire in my voice to singe your eyebrows a little—the way coaches do when the game is close and victory means everything. And with the game on the line, what this coach is telling you is that to play in this match, some of you have to be more morally clean than you now are. In this battle between good and evil, you cannot play for the adversary whenever temptation comes along and then expect to suit up for the Savior at temple and mission time as if nothing has happened…My young friends, we need tens of thousands of more missionaries in the months and years that lie ahead.”
-Elder Holland

This last General Conference Elder Holland gave a great talk about the young people needing to step up and serve missions. YOUTH its time, PICK A TEAM! We cannot sit here and play for the adversary; we are too good for that. I can tell you that preparing for a mission spiritually is hard, but it can be done! It is not something you can do over night, but it something that takes years! Use the time you have in seminary to learn the stories of the scriptures, memorize them, and live them. A mission only lasts a short time; you do not want to spend the full time, learning the basics. You are going to be called to serve. It could be anywhere, speaking any language. The only thing that will prepare you is your standards and a strong testimony... Youth, its time... Pick a team and play your hardest, all we need is one last victory!
Elder Vaterlaus, Sister Vaterlaus, Elder Vaterlaus 

***In January I was able to enter the MTC with my Cousin who is serving in Mexico, and also my brother who is serving in Argentina***
Elder Hollands Talk...READ IT!

Special thanks to Sister Carver and Sister Correia my old companions who were willing to get the band back together :)

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