Tuesday, October 11, 2011



My last companion Sister Correia was from Hawaii. When we became companions, one of the first things I told her was how excited I was about HALLOWEEN.  She confessed to me that she had never carved a pumpkin. At first I was SHOCKED that she had never had that chance... I know that my reaction would probably be considered an overreaction. However I knew how much FUN it was to carve a pumpkin, I knew it was not easy, but at the same time it was something worthwhile. I told her that I would teach her and we could do it together.  So we planned it out, we bought pumpkins and got down to business carving. We loved it, it took her a little bit to get into it, but she trusted me and she kept going. By the end we both had somewhat good looking pumpkins.
As I laid in bed that night, praising my pumpkin, I thought about how happy I was that I got to share one of my favorite traditions with Sister Correia and how she loved it in the end. At the beginning she was very hesitant at what she was getting into, but she trusted me and so she went forward. I thought about how that relates to sharing the BOOK OF MORMON with our friends. I know it is not something that they have usually heard of, or something they are familiar with. However, they might never have that chance if we don’t offer it. I know I could not just let Sister Correia carve her first pumpkin by herself; she might have really used the ice cream scOoP the whole time… I know that when we are willing to share the BOOK OF MORMON with our friends, it is a learning process for both people but both end up learning a lot :0
I mean there is a first time for everything :)
Twins on our last day :)



  1. I love this analogy! I think it can be scary to share the gospel, but it sounds so much easier when you think about it in comparison to sharing something else you love and know about.

    (p.s. I'm in Mitch's PhD cohort and he told me about your mission blog. I just think this is the coolest missionary tool ever - hope you don't mind if I mention it on my own blog!!)

  2. Thank you so much! I know it sounds so scary until we do it! I am so glad my brother shared it with you, it is my favorite tool for sure! Please share it with anyone you would like!!!