Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Money in the Bank'


EFY 2010

"The law of tithing is an important commandment that you should obey throughout your life. A tithe is one-tenth of your income."

I will be the first admit, this is my least favorite commandment. I am someone who LOVES to spend money. For some reason spending moeny makes me feel so good! I think its because I feel like I have worked so hard and so I should be rewarded. I am the child that always had "incentives" growing up.
We all caught pop flys!
Catch a pop fly then you get a Gatorade.
Get %100 percent on your spelling test then you get to go to a movie.
Go without television for a week and get a swim pass.
Make your bed for a month and you can have a new comforter.
  Now, DO NOT think that incentives are bad. They are actually a great tool to motivate people, espeically me! I have realized while writing this that  the law of tithing is is an INCENTIVE. I have honestly never picked up on it. When we are willing to give up ten percent of what we earn, then Heavenly Father is willing to give us blessings. Even though tithing has been something that I have struggled with, I have done my best in faking it untill I was making it. I always paid it, but with a BAD attitude. After reading the  FOR THE STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH and realizing it is how we show our Heavenly Father how grateful we are. I decided to start paying it with a willing heart, because I am truly greatful for the things he has given me.  Tithing is a great way to show our Heavenly Father our gratitude. I have realized how selfish I am when I would choose to buy a new movie over paying tithing.

Passed all of my spelling tests, even with a mullet!

As a missionary, I receive lots of letters about peoples spiritual experiences. Someone from my home ward sent me a letter as I was leaving the MTC. She said her family had really been struggling with money, and they were almost out. She only had two twenties left, and so she decided to pay their tithing, having faith things would work out. I know that because she had this faith, her husband was able to receive work the next day, and they were able to pay the bills for the month. She might have found a way to provide without paying her tithing, but I KNOW, that it was because of her willingness....She has strengthened my testimony of tithing, and has taught me you pay it always, not when you can, but always.
When you do what the Lord asks he will provide a way.

How has paying your tithing blessed your life!?

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