Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Change Please :]

“Change is an essential part of life’s experiences.”
- Elder Steven E. Snow
Youth, you face MANY changes. Many changes start with your body...Some of you will get tall,  some of you will stay short. Your voices will change, you WILL gain weight, but these are all things that are just going to happen and so we have to LOVE it. As you get older temptations and pressures become a lot heavier. It all starts when you turn 12 and walk into Junior High. You are entering a new school, making new friends, and learning new things. It just sounds like A LOT of change because it is! To be honest with you change is going to be something that continues to happen to you. When I first went to college MANY things changed. I had a hard time with the big changes, until I picked up a Book of Mormon. I realized as everything around me changed, the Book of Mormon did not. I knew I could dive into Nephi building a ship and feel like nothing had changed. I came to realize how LUCKY I was because, I had been given something that DOES NOT CHANGE.

“Many of these changes come as we naturally make our way through our earthly journey. Our lives change as we progress from childhood through youth and on into adulthood and finally old age. Schooling, missions, marriage, employment, and retirement are all examples of milestones of change.”
- Elder Steven E. Snow

Youth....GOOD NEWS...Things are going to keep changing.  CHANGE is a good thing. When we come to a big life change and think of it as a NEW opportunity we can make it into something new and exciting. Always remember when you come to a change, think positive and make it Right :]


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