Friday, September 23, 2011

Lighten Up!

Be Positive

Lighten Up!
"Life is not to be endured its to be enjoyed!"
-President Hinckley

We live in a world that is chaotic, full of drama, and has many ups and downs. All I can tell you is that we ARE going to face adversity and it will NOT be fun...unless we make it!
Throughout the beginning of my mission I hit many rough patches, that I did not handle very well. All that was going through my mind at the time was "My life is so hard...." Everything was going wrong, there was no fun, and it was not what I expected. I decided I needed to LIGHTEN UP! I could make the situation better if I changed my attitude. I decided to take a new be positive...When I took that attitude, EVERYTHING CHANGED. It was the best thing I could have ever learned. When things get tough, all you can do it laugh and be positive about it. It is much easier to smile then to frown.

I remember a time that I had to "lighten Up." It was my last year of girls camp and me and my friend had brought our own personal kiddie pools so that we could stay "cool." On the first night two of the first year girls stole our pretty blue pools and hid them. When we woke up pool-less, we were pretty upset. All we could think about is how we had spent $10 dollars on those things. So we went on a hunt to find who had stolen our pools. Finally two girls came forward and had said they had taken them and they had broken them in the process. They looked pretty sad about it, so I decided that the way they could repay me was to give me a hand and foot massage. They agreed. Last they came to my cabin and said we even brought our new strawberry lotion. I laid down and they started to rub my feet and hands with their new lotion. As I was being pampered I fell asleep. Later, when I woke up and went outside and looked at my hands and feet, I realized that they were bright RED. Later I found out that they had put red koolaid in the lotion, and that my skin had been died...At first I was SO MAD. I had senior pictures that week, and I looked like a fool. This picture was taken before it was funny... as you can see :) However I decided I needed to "LIGHTEN UP," when I did, I realized that it was a pretty good joke. Instead of getting angry at them, I decided to become their friends. We were able to have a wonderful time at girls camp, and now we laugh about that time the died my skin red.....


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